Customer Service Tips for Hired Personal Drivers

Posted on: 6 December 2017

The demand for personal driver hire is on the rise as people, especially visitors to new destinations, are on the lookout for personalized tours. Since customers have the option of using public means which are relatively cheaper, you need to do all you can to ensure the quality of service as a hired personal driver. It might appear to be a problematic feat, since you will be dealing with different kinds of customers with various attitudes. This article highlights some customer service tips you can use to not only ensure a steady stream of clients but also receive good tips.

Always Check for Forgotten Items -- Some of your passengers will, at one time or another, forget their belonging in your vehicle. Therefore, once your clients get to their destination, make a point of going through the back seat just to make sure that a customer has not left anything behind. Check the boot as well. You might have offered excellent service to a client, but if they realize that they left part of their luggage in your car and you never bothered to help with that, then all that effort will have gone to the drain. Honesty speaks volumes on the part of personal drivers; therefore, ensuring that clients do not forget anything in your car goes a long way towards communicating the same.

Assist With Luggage -- Some customers prefer to carry their luggage from their hotel rooms or airport into a car. However, you would not know this unless you ask. If they answer in the affirmative, then go ahead and carry whatever heavy item they have with them. However, if they tell you that they are okay carrying their luggage, then do not feel offended. Most customers will appreciate the gesture. The most important thing is that you must attempt to offer to help to clients with their luggage.

Avoid Political or Religious Topics -- The internet has become pervasive; hence, almost everybody has access to global happenings. It might tempt most drivers to pick a topic on politics or religion and engage their client. Such subjects are a no-go zone if you are a hired personal driver because people have a right to their own opinion regarding such sensitive issues. One way you can avoid this is to keep the vehicle's radio away from political or religious discussions. Such radio programs might prompt the passenger to start a conversation, and since you do not want to appear rude, you would have to get involved in the discussion. Instead, let the radio play some music.