Why is Long-term Corporate Car Hire a Great Way to Supplement Your Leased Business Fleet?

Posted on: 8 March 2017

It's common for businesses to maintain a fleet of vehicles leased at commercial rates. These can then be provided as company cars for employees, whether as a nice perk or because a car is necessary for them to complete their role within the business.

Leasing is a fantastic choice, but businesses can also benefit from operating with a few long-term corporate car rental contracts.

How Does Long-term Corporate Car Hire Work?

Essentially, long-term corporate car hire unites the benefits of renting with the benefits of leasing. As is the case when you lease a vehicle for business purposes, you will be provided with an upscale model without having to buy. However, the difference comes in the duration of the agreement. The 'long-term' in 'long-term corporate car hire' is only relatively to the shorter rental periods people take for holidays; long-term hire contracts are generally those of over one month.

All well and good, but why is long-term corporate car hire a great way to supplement your current business fleet?

What Makes Long-term Corporate Car Hire Advantageous?

The central benefit of long-term corporate car hire is flexibility, and that benefits expresses itself in different ways.

When you lease a vehicle, even for business purposes, the contracts are normally worked out in terms of years rather than months, and the shorter the lease contract the more you're going to end up paying. With long-term corporate car hire, you can go for shorter periods.

Firstly, that means you can scale up and down with relative ease. Let's say that you're thinking of pushing into a new market. You might need new travelling salesman, plus new company cars to accommodate their efforts. With long-term corporate car hire, you can adopt several without committing to a multi-year contract. If the enterprise works out well, you can go ahead with something more permanent. If your efforts to scale didn't meet with success, you aren't stuck with the leasing costs.

You'll also find it easier to accommodate random changes if you establish a relationship with a long-term corporate car hire company. If one of your employees needs their car repaired, you can't have them driving around to important meetings in some economy vehicle while the work is done; instead, you can use a corporate rental. If you have an important client visiting from overseas or across the country, you can provide them with a long-term corporate rental for the duration of their stay.