How To Interview A Heavy Haulage Specialist

Posted on: 10 January 2023

Are you looking for a heavy haulage specialist? For instance, you could plan to transport a house or heavy machines that cannot fit in standard trucks. Below is a piece with interview questions to help you choose a heavy haulage specialist. 

What Trucks Will You Use? 

Standard trucks and trailer beds cannot move oversized loads. Therefore, the professional should inform you how they intend to move the load. Typically, they should examine the load's weight, shape, and dimensions to determine the best trucks to use. For instance, they could use modular transporters with a high load limit. The specialist could also consider dismantling the load if its size exceeds the standard road dimensions. For example, a house could be dismantled into several segments to ease loading. 

Do You Need Special Permits To Move The Load? 

The specialist should assess your load and the transport plan to establish the permits required to move the heavy load. Typically, you need special permits from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) when transporting oversized loads. However, you could need additional licences if you plan to move the load across international borders or aboriginal territory. Moreover, the specialist must contact local police if the haulage convoy disrupts traffic. This way, the police can redirect traffic to prevent traffic jams. Besides, the police are best suited to recommend alternative routes to the haulage team. 

How Will You Prepare For Haulage? 

The haulage specialist should take the following preparation measures; 

  • They should inspect the trucks to ensure they are in excellent mechanical condition and meet the standards set by the authorities.
  • Conduct road surveys to establish the conditions to expect when moving the load. For instance, steep slopes and sharp corners could cause significant risks when moving the load.
  • The specialist must prepare for emergencies. For example, they could have a spare truck to haul the load if the primary truck breaks down.
  • The professional must assess the traffic laws to establish the rules to abide by when moving the oversized load. For example, the haulage truck must have escorts. Moreover, the truck must comply with the prescribed speed limits.  

What Are The Haulage Timelines? 

The specialist should draw a haulage transport plan detailing the timelines for the various transportation milestones. This way, you know how long it takes to prepare and execute heavy haulage. Moreover, they should prepare a comprehensive quote detailing how much it costs to move the load. This way, you do not have to worry about additional or hidden costs.

For more information, contact a heavy haulage specialist near you.