Follow These Guidelines for Safe and Effective Pallet Distribution

Posted on: 27 August 2020

If you are looking for a simple, safe and effective way to move your goods as a small business owner, then you should consider pallet distribution. Pallets are the most effective way to safely move small loads. Pallets can also move anything from fabricated equipment parts to fresh farm produce.

For a pallet distribution network to be effective, the companies that are part of the network have to be committed to providing efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive services for customers. As a customer, you should know the quality to look for in a pallet distribution company and make sure that you pick the one that benefits you the most. Here are guidelines to help you choose.

Study Pallet Sizing

Pallets come in different sizes. The standard pallet in Australia measures 116.5 centimetres by 116.5 centimetres. This is the pallet size that you will find in airports and all other major distribution channels. However, there are other sizes as well. 

When picking a pallet size, you have to think about the goods you want to haul. Ideally, you should choose the size that allows you to move all your goods in one trip. Also, note that the size of the pallet determines the cost of hauling goods.

Inspect the Condition of the Pallets

The commonly used materials to make pallets are plastic and wood. Both are designed to withstand heavy loads and the pressure of moving goods without deteriorating. However, this does not mean that they are indestructible. As they age, pallets weaken and can even break when they experience excessive mechanical stress.

Wooden pallets are also susceptible to damage caused by moisture. You should also check whether the pallets you are about to use have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after their previous assignment. By so doing, you will minimise the possibility of mould and chemicals contaminating what you are hauling.

Learn How to Pack Efficiently

Transportation is one aspect of your business that will cost a lot of money. When choosing and using pallets, pack the goods as tightly as possible without them getting damaged. This will reduce the number of pallets that you have to use and also the number of trips the distributor has to make to move all your goods to their intended destination.

These are three simple ways in which you can improve your transportation experience by selecting the right pallets. Take time and choose reliable pallet distribution channels for the best transportation experience.