Top Tips When Hiring Produce Transport Companies

Posted on: 21 July 2021

Choosing a transport service provider for perishable produce is a delicate process. A transport company has a considerable impact on the quality of your products and customer satisfaction. Given the high stakes involved, one must take time to evaluate the expertise of the various transport service providers. The following factors form criteria for assessing a suitable produce transport company. 

Company Expertise

Transport companies differ in their level of logistical expertise. Thus, select a company that specializes in the services needed. In this case, engage a company that has the knowledge and technology to transport farm produce. Typically, farm products are perishable goods that require specialized handling. As such, the transportation company must offer climate-controlled vehicles. Then, the service provider must have the technology to monitor the quality of the produce during transit. These measures will ensure that the products get to the destination fresh.


An ideal transport company provides reliable services to the customers. Largely, reliability depends on timely transport services. Late deliveries increase the chances of spoiled loads and cause freight to miss an inspection window. Besides, an unreliable transporter can damage your company's reputation due to the inability to meet customers' expectations. Thus, it would help if you had confidence that the company will deliver your produce on time. In addition, the transporter should also provide reliable information about the services, costs, and shipment status.

Freight Capacity 

Freight capacity refers to the load space on the transportation vessels. The ideal transportation company should have the ability to meet varying needs for freight capacity. Unfortunately, not all produce transporters can handle fluctuating cargo volumes. Thus, determine if the company has enough trucks of different sizes to handle your decreasing or increasing need for freight capacity. In this way, you will not need to look for another company if your produce volumes change. 


Commodity safety is an essential factor in the transport sector. Therefore, assess the company's ability to provide safe transportation for your produce. In this case, establish if the company is licensed and certified to offer transportation services. Then, find out if the company has adequate insurance coverage for loss and damages occurring during transportation. Notably, the company should also provide well-maintained vehicles and qualified drivers for safe transit. In addition, the company should have cargo tracking technology to show real-time location for your produce. 

Customer Service 

Check if the produce transport company is committed to customer service. More than the capacity to provide services, the ideal company should have the right customer attitude. Primarily, consider the transportation company's culture. For example, evaluate whether the company values lasting client relationships or it focuses on profits. Notably, assess the level of openness, clarity, and friendliness in the company's communication. Also, find out if the company provides 24-hour support for the customers. Significantly, take time to look at reviews and testimonies of previous customers online. In this way, you can tell whether the company is committed to customers.

Ultimately, the listed factors are critical in selecting a suitable produce transport company. Thus, conduct proper company analysis for service quality guarantees.