Benefits of Using Pallet Distribution Networks for Your Shipping

Posted on: 29 March 2022

When your merchandise company begins offering international shipping, you may start seeing an increase in your sales. The problem, especially with a small retail company, is that your shipments may cost more to ship than is within your budget. One way to still meet the needs of your new international customers, and stay within your shipping budget, is to use a pallet distribution network. Here are some of the benefits of this option and what you should know when considering it for your business. 

Multiple Shipments

One of the leading benefits of using a pallet distribution network for your international shipping is the ability to ship multiple items on one pallet. This is especially true for businesses that sell merchandise such as jewelry, books, toys or small household gadgets. The orders can be placed together on one pallet and marked for shipping to reduce the overall costs. Once the shipments reach the final point in the distribution network, they can be shipped out to the customers.

Tracking Maintenance

When you send items through traditional international mailing and shipping methods, you may find you pay for tracking numbers based on the distribution point. For example, you may have to pay for several tracking numbers on one shipment due to changing transportation services. This can become very costly to your shipping budget. When you use a pallet distribution network you will have one tracking number that is used for your pallet of items. That tracking number is also used by all the shipping points in the distribution network. This means you have one tracking number from start to finish and have an easier way of locating the shipment should something happen. 

Reduced Travel

Another benefit that many companies prefer when using a pallet distribution network deals with travel time. When you ship an item through the network it moves relatively smoothly through the different services and network as a whole. If you use traditional shipping methods you may find that your packages are slowed at ports and checkpoints or when being handed off to another distribution service. 

If you think using a pallet distribution network would be ideal for your business, contact the network service provider of your choice. They can discuss your shipping needs and detail to you how the process works with their particular company. They can also discuss logistics and tracking within their network as well as any information you will need for your shipments and service orders. 

For more information on pallet distribution, contact a professional near you.