3 Essential Considerations When Hiring Heavy Haulage Equipment for Your Projects

Posted on: 14 December 2019

Is your project in need of moving heavy construction equipment such as excavators or bulldozers to new sites? If so, hiring a heavy haulage transportation service can be crucial to achieving this. Such services have well-equipped trucks that assist in the transportation of heavy loads and equipment. However, you may find out countless options when hiring heavy haulage services. 

If you are still new to the industry, it's possible to make costly blunders during your selection process. Thus, there is a need to analyse vital aspects first to choose the most reliable haulage service and get value for your money. 

Thus, here are four key considerations you'll have to make before choosing the right heavy haulage transportation service.

What Equipment Type Do You Want to Transport? 

You'll have to determine the weight and size of the equipment you want to move. Remember, not all heavy haulage companies have the right types of trucks for various heavy equipment transportation. For this reason, it's crucial to determine both the size and weight of your equipment early enough in the process. Additionally, you'll need to determine whether you require flatbed or box trailers. 

Furthermore, understanding the type of equipment that requires transportation helps you know whether it may require special care and handling. For instance, you may have to shield it from possible elements, and the best way to achieve this is by using closed trucks or trailers. Research more concerning the equipment to find the most reliable transportation system for it.

What's the Delivery Time?

Timely delivery of your equipment is essential if you must commence your project immediately. Any minor delays may lead to interference of your work schedule and budget. Therefore, it's imperative to understand their heavy haulage schedule and how they deliver equipment on site. Consequently, it would be wise to consider whether the haulage company understands your time frame. Additionally, t's essential to understand whether the truck driver has familiarity with the road network to your project site. 

Do They Have Insurance Protection?

In case anything happens to your equipment while en route to your project site, what insurance plans do they have to cover your loss? It's essential to determine the coverage percentage you'll be offered. If inadequate, you can seek more coverage with a different insurance company. 

Final Thoughts

These are the three essential consideration when choosing a heavy haulage service for transporting your construction equipment. Other things may include price, license and quality of service that the company offers. We hope this post has enlightened you on what you should do while hiring heavy haulage services.