3 Quirky Wedding Transport Ideas

Posted on: 17 May 2017

Your wedding transport should be taken into consideration when planning the theme of your big day. When you arrive at your venue and receive a send-off from your guests at the end of the day, your wedding transport will be a main feature of your photographs and will be noticed by everyone. Your choice of car can help set the tone of your day and add to the overall atmosphere.

There's nothing wrong with choosing a traditional option, such as a limousine or Rolls Royce, and these cars are perfect if your wedding ceremony in general is based on traditional practices. However, if you're planning on adding your own unique flare to your big day, you'll need wedding transport that complements your theme. Here are three quirky wedding transport ideas to consider if you want to put your own stamp on your wedding day:

VW Beetle

A white or cream classic Volkswagen Beetle is perfect for a laid-back summer wedding with a beach, festival or picnic theme. This car tells your guests they can relax and that you want them to let their hair down. It also serves as a stunning prop for newlywed photos, particularly if you opt for a convertible. You can set your car apart from the rest of your wedding party while maintaining your theme by hiring a converted VW campervan for them to travel in.

Vintage Bus

A vintage bus is both eye-catching and full of character. These buses have been restored to their original beauty, but some have also had modern features, such as a bar, flat screen TVs and speaker systems, installed.  You and your spouse-to-be can enjoy a spacious ride to your venue or turn the journey into a celebration and travel to the ceremony or reception with all of your guests keeping you company. This transport option is ideal for couples who are planning a wedding with a 1950s or 60s theme or those wishing to merge retro style with modern rituals.


If you're planning to tie the knot at a country house, on a farm, at a vineyard or on an estate with an orchard, why not arrive on a trailer pulled by a tractor? The trailer can be decorated to match your wedding colours and flowers, and you can enjoy a slow, intimate ride to your reception on comfortable seats with a glass of something sparkling. Alternatively, you can opt for a larger trailer bed to transport your whole wedding party and serve as a backdrop for your photos.

These are just a few transport ideas that will add some quirk to your wedding. When selecting your transport, choose something you will get enjoyment from, as every part of your wedding day should be special and evoke feelings of happiness when you reflect back on it in years to come.